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Monday, 31 December 2012

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Malaysia In the Eye of Dajjal 2

In the first installment of my article (click here if you haven’t read it) I have briefly discussed the prophecy of Al-Mahdi and why my friends in the now disbanded Watchers Group used to think that Al-Mahdi might be coming from our region.

Without further delay, let’s proceed with the second theory.. the one came up by a secular school of thought within the Watcher’s group which completely separated their argument from religious prophecy. Most of them are non-Muslims but there’s a few Muslims who shared the same kind of idea.

According to them, the irony of Universe is that the Universe does have a sense of humor. When man is busy rummaging the universe in search of answer, the answer usually lies right there under his nose. Therefore while we’re busy coming up with layers of theories on why the Illuminati would want to be in Malaysia, the answer might already been printed for ages in our school textbooks.

Now, in my previous article "COMMENTING ON TAN SRI SANUSI JUNID'S MENTION ON FREEMASON", I have explained that the first Freemason who put his feet on Malaya in Sir Francis Light who hoisted the first Union Jack on Tanah Melayu on August 11, 1786. I also said that the British East India Company ("BEIC") is a company established to carry out Freemason’s purpose of "Ordo Ab Chao".

Looking back at what we have learned about the presence of BEIC in Malaya, we have been told when we’re in secondary school that the reason why the BEIC was interested with Malaya was because of its geographical location. Not only Malaya located in the middle of a trading route between India and China, but the geographical location of Malaysia also protected it from

natural disaster. Malaya is uniquely located at the center, surrounded by Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine and the Island of Borneo that protects it from natural hazards. Unlike Indonesia and Phillipine, we we are lucky to be geographically located away from tectonic plates. In short Malaysia is fortunate to be freed from natural disaster such as drought, earthquake, volcano and typhoon. So far, the most severe natural disaster experiencing in Malaysia is just flood but not up to the point where it could cause massive casualties yet.
If the BEIC knew this from 18th century, then certainly the Illuminati knew it to well too. Does our location have anything to do with what’s up in their mind?

All prophecies around the world have three things similar in it. One is about the arrival of Messiah, the second is about the coming natural disasters and the third is the end of time. Natural disasters have also been indicated in prophecies within Al-Quran and Hadith. The most prominent sign is of course earthquakes. Earthquakes was specially mentioned by Rasulullah when he said that Qiyamah will not come until three earthquakes demolished three places. One in the east, second in the west and finally the Arab peninsular
"Allah's Messenger (pbuh) came to us all of a sudden as we were (busy in a discussion). He said: What do you discuss about? We said, "We are discussing about the Doomsday." Thereupon, he said, "It will not come until you see ten signs before" and he made a mention of Dajjal (AntiChrist), the smoke, the beast (daabbat al-ard), the rising of the sun from the west, the descent of Jesus son of Mary (pbuh), Gog (Yajuj) and Magog (Majuj), AND EARTHQUAKE IN THREE PLACES, ONE IN THE EAST, ONE IN THE WEST AND ONE IN ARABIA at the end of which a fire would burn forth from Yemen and would drive people to the place of their assembly
." (Muslim, Fitan, 39)

From the time this hadith was studied by the both the Illuminati and the Watcher’s group, there has been countless discussions on how to correctly identify the events foretold in prophecies around the world. In relation to the earthquakes, there have been so many major earthquakes throughout history that it used to be impossible to identify which one is the three earthquakes mentioned in this hadith. Prior to 2004, we don’t have any idea of the variable needed for the formula of identifying such cataclysmic event.

Then behold 26th December 2004 earthquake. It seems that in that year the Illuminati have decided to nuke the Sumatra trench in their attempt to wipe someone or something in Acheh. We still have no exact idea of what cause the Illuminati to do that but we know it was Illuminati because they did it on Pagan Day of Sacrifice (Saturnalia). In fact, exactly a year before that they did the same when a 6.6 magnitude earthquake killed 26 thousand people in Iran also on 26th December 2003.

What’s so special about Iran 2003 and Acheh 2004? Well, a year before Iran’s earthquake a Solar and Lunar Eclipses occurred in Ramadhan 2002. Then a year before Acheh’s earthquake a similar Solar and Lunar Eclipses occurred in Ramadhan 2003. So we figure if they over reacted merely due to dual eclipses in Ramadhan, then it has to do something with Al-Mahdi.

227 thousand people are dead in Acheh 2004. It’s the first ever modern earthquake of such magnitude ever happened in the East region of our world and we truly believe it is the EAST earthquake referred by Rasulullah (Iran 2003 doesn’t count because it is not east of Mecca). The Muslims in watchers group therefore in agreement that the missing variable had been identified. We now believed that it is men and not heaven that would cause the three earthquakes mentioned in the hadith. That truly makes senses after all because Allah would never be so cruel to deliver a destructive earthquake on the innocents just to make a point. The Illuminati on the other hand would have no problem about killing millions of people before a morning cup of tea.

Which would leave us with predicting the second earthquake in the WEST and the third one in the Arab Peninsular. Because the first earthquake of Acheh was man made, then the Watchers group believe the second WEST earthquake will also be man-made, and that bring our mind back to what we have known since 1979 -- the Illuminati is planning a disaster of major proportion to wipe out major cities of the world.

GEORGIA GUIDESTONES (American Stonehenge)

In June 1979, an unknown person or persons under the pseudonym R. C. Christian hired Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the Georgia Guidestones. One popular hypothesis is that the patron's pseudonym may be a tribute to Christian Rosenkreuz, a 17th-century founder of German’s version of Freemason Brotherhood -- The Rosicrucianism Secret Society.

The first message hammered on the stones are the words to “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”. In other words, they plan to reduce the currents world population of 7 billion people into 500 millions only. What was put on the stone was basically the findings of the Illuminati symposium in 1957 when they decided that an action to reduce world population must be taken prior or shortly after the year 2000.

The 1957's decision was the reason why Illuminati watchdog around the globe knew of the significant of the 21st century. It's the reason why we know the 1997 currency crisis was necessary for them. As I explained before in my previous article, they need to infiltrate our system before the year 2000

Since 1957, the Illuminati had come up with an awful lot of ideas on how kill 90% of the world population. At first they toyed with the idea of deploying the stock-ready nuclear arsenals. But nuclear war would make the earth's surface inhabitable for at least 20 years which doesn't sound good to them either. So they proceeds with the one they've been doing since World War 1 such as biological weapon, genocide, riots, war and the latest .. man-made disasters or more specifically; EARTHQUAKES.

I will not go into detail here on how they are now able to create such disasters. Sufficient to say that the US and the Russian already completed the development of "scalar interferometers" (also known as "Longitudinal Wave Interferometers") since the late 20th century. Here's a tip for all my readers.. Keep looking at the sky for beautiful colorful clouds. If you see it then you need to EXIT your house immediately and RUN to a nearby open space. These clouds of death is the signature of Scalar Weapon being aimed at your city. They've been spotted 30 minutes before the Sichuan quake, 1 day before Haiti quake, and 2 days before Acheh.

So how relevant is Malaysia to all of these?

Well, because the hadith mentions about the second earthquake which will occur in the west, I believe that it will be a big one. The west as we know it is the region where most of the Illuminati's headquarters are. Therefore if they decided to quake their own region then it must really worth it for them. The watchers group could only come up with one reason for it.. that quake (or whatever disaster it be) must be so big it is probably the mother of all modern earthquakes. They probably want it to shake so hard so that the tremors could wipe out major population of the world

Can that be done? Yes in theory it could. If you are one of many who have watch the movie "2012" starring John Cusack, you would remember a scene in the movie where a super volcano erupted at Yellowstone National Park in the United States. This scene is based on reality because beneath Yellowstone lies the world biggest SUPER VOLCANO which has erupted only three times in the last 2.1 million year. In fact, back in 1995 satellite images began to show that the Yellowstone Caldera was rising leading to prediction that the world's largest super-volcano could erupt in the near future. To wake this deadly beast, all they need is to detonate a underground nuclear bomb to trigger the eruption. When it does, It would explode with a force a thousand times more powerful than the Mount St Helens in 1980 and leave the majority of the North American continent below ash. It would also block out the sun's rays reducing the earth's temperature by a few degrees causing worldwide devastation of crops. The ash would spread across the Atlantic to Europe pushing the death toll higher. A super eruption at Yellowstone would kill more people than all the volcanic eruptions since humans first walked the earth.

Such super disaster would be followed by tremors around the world. Because we are talking about super-volcano here, then the tremors alone would be sufficient to turn other major cities, especially one so near to the pacific ring of fire, into rubble.

Malaysia, as you can see from the graph above, is uniquely protected by Java and Phillipine from the effect of Ring of Fire's subduction zones (even though according to United States Geological Survey, we're in it). It is also fair to say that we're are being 'boxed in' by Indonesia, Thailand and Phillipine thus by coincidence making it very hard for scalar technology to be 100% effective against us.


Now, you've heard about NIBIRU right? The issue even made it to our Parliament on December 2010 when Senator Datuk Shamsudin Mehat asked our Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili about it. Before you start getting excited, I am going to say here that Nibiru is a full of crap. A cataclysmic planetary event of such magnitude will definitely be mentioned in Al-Quran of Hadith if it's true. Even more bull shit is the story that Anunnaki as inhabitants of Planet Nibiru is the creator of mankind. That alone is solidly against the history of Adam & Eve and therefore Nibiru story should be dismissed.

Nibiru didn't even get to be in the Watcher's List. One event however did get our intention. In my early days when writing for Anwargate Website during September 1998, I was told by a friend (who later told me about the Watchers Group) about a phone call which was aired a year earlier on September 12, 1997. It was made from Pahrump, Nevada during Art Bell's "Coast-to-Coast" nightly talk show. It was a bizarre call from an obviously distraught and terrified man who claimed to be a former Area 51 employee recently discharged for "medical" reasons. He then talked about cited malevolent "inter dimensional beings" at Area 51 and an impending disaster that the government knew would take out "major population centers"

. Midway through this call was knocked off from air by God knows what.

Here's a little bit of that conversation:-

Listen it on Youtube

Art: So you can't spend a lot of time on the phone, so give us something

Caller [voice breaking up with apparent suppressed crying]: OK, um, um, OK,
what we're thinking of as aliens, Art, they're extradimensional beings, that, an earlier precursor of the space program they made contact with. They are not what they claim to be. They've infiltrated a lot of aspects of, of, of the military establishment, particularly the Area 51.

The disasters that are coming, they, the military, I'm sorry, the government knows about them. And there's a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving the population to now, Art.

Art: So they're not doing, not doing anything.

Caller: They are not.

They want those major population centers wiped out so
that the few that are left will be more easily controllable

It's a relief to know that the recording made it to youtube and survived the government's censorship up to today. The things which make this phone call "unique" is the fact that the caller didn't used the word "extra-terrestrial being" (The UFO). Instead he uses the word "extra-dimensional beings" which in plain word means Djin and Satan (Malaikat by definition is also an extra-dimensional being but of good kind). This reminds me of the contention by scholar MUHAMMAD ISA DAWUD who believes that the culprit behind the UFO phenomenon are the Djin.

The caller also talked about the future disaster for the purpose of New World Order. He then mentioned about "SAFE AREAS IN THIS WORLD"

We already knew about the possibility of safe areas. Because the disaster couldn't be the Qiyamah itself, then it would make sense that no matter how bad it is some area would withstand the future genocide. However, with the exception of Mecca and Medina which for sure will survive any Illuminati's onslaught, no one except the Illuminati could know which areas could survive the man-made disaster.

Which bring us back to MALAYSIA

Could it be that Malaysia has the potential to withstand the disaster? Could God have planned our land in the center of South East Asia so that Indonesia, Phillipine and Thailand could absorb the earthquake's most damaging effect and thus save our Malay arse?

If that's true, it then could explain why the Illuminati want Singapore to prevail in this area because they do need an hub to control this region in the aftermath of the disaster. But then, what's on heaven is God's plan for this country where the muslims in PAS, PKR and UMNO constantly bickers merely due to politics? Is it us that God want to save or is it that puny Brunei?

You may well think my article is completely rubbish. But this is the reasons speculated by the secular in the Watchers group. I do believe the disaster is coming because there so many hadith and verses which said it will come as the early signs of Qiyamah. We know to well that all the 14 minor signs of Qiyamah has been completed today and that freaked me out because my two daughters are now still babies. I recite Yaseen every night nowadays and pray to God at dawn and at dusk that God would protect them from the worst that to come


The following article discusses prophecies. Except for some which had been stated in hadith, the rest of it of unknown origin. Therefore please bear in mind that you are supposed to be very skeptic about it. This article is not written to convince you of the truth of these prophecies. I merely wish you to see it from Illuminati’s point of view. It might help us in the future battle if we know what the enemies were thinking.


By AfterDark

One of the most asked questions regarding the presence of Illuminati in Malaysia is “why are they here”. This is one question that was brought to my intention again and again ever since I reasoned in my previous article that Anwar Ibrahim was a Freemason and that we are moving towards the Illuminati controlled Nation. In my previous article 2013 ILLUMINATI BLUEPRINT I said that the dominoes are falling, and I’m afraid it still does.
Now, before you read further I would like to save your time by telling you first that this is not entirely a politically related article. In fact, every single words contained hereinafter are entirely speculative even though time will tells whether it will become a bull shit or not. So I sincerely advise you to consider this as reading pleasure only.

Now, why would the Illuminati be interested in our small 27 million populated country? Unlike the gulf nation that is rich with oil, our country is not bestowed with oil or gold or any kind of natural resource that is sufficient to keep them interested. In terms of politic, the only person who manage put Malaysia on illuminati’s targeting binocular was Tun Mahathir and that happened not because they want our country’s resource, but simply because he annoyed them big time that they consider him the only worthy opponent from this region.

It is worth to mention here that the Watchers Group of which I was once a member has been recently disbanded. However from previous communications shared amongst members, I gathered two possible theories of why Malaysia is important to them. The first theory came from the Muslims members of the group and its good news to us all. The second theory came from the Secular members of the group and it’s a damn nightmare to.. Well at least to me lah.

So for your reading pleasure here the first theory.


The first indication that we have something that they want (or don’t want depending on how you see it) is the when they launch a major attack on our currency in 1997. This I have already discussed in previous article PRABOWO, THAKSIN, ANWAR IBRAHIM AND THE 1997 CURRENCY CRISIS.  It’s pretty clear in that moment that apart from making money, they need to install their proxies in our government in order to control our system. No one sure which one of the Asian countries is the real target. We have to bear in mind however that of all Asian countries at that time (prior to the attack), Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia were the only remaining countries that didn’t consider itself as allies to the Unites States. Thailand for example, despite its reliance to USD Dollars through tourism and sex industry, still revere their King as holy person and appreciate their country’s history as the only country in S.E. Asia which haven’t been colonialised yet. Malaysia and Indonesia pretty much known as anti-Uncle Sam until now and even though I have no specific knowledge of the extent of diplomatic relationship between Brunei and the US, I am pretty sure the Muslims there share the same feeling towards the United States.

Whereas The 1997 currency attack was the indication that they ‘need’ to plant themselves deep into our system, the 26th December 2004 earthquake was the indication that they desperately need to wipe out ‘something’ or ‘someone’ in Acheh one day after Christmas. Why? Well, this is why:-

Contrary to mainstream belief, Jesus of Nazareth is not born on 25th December.  The early Christian church did not celebrate Jesus' birth because they don't know when his birthday. It wasn't until A.D. 440 that the Roman church officially proclaimed December 25 as the birth of Christ. This was not based on any religious evidence but on a pagan feast Saturnalia. December 25 was used as a celebration of the birthday of the Sun God (a.k.a Lucifer) where it was observed near the winter solstice. So how does the Pagan celebrate the Sun God? Yep, by human sacrifice. The twenty-five of each month, the pagan cult proceeded to sacrifices on the altar of the holocausts. In fact, formerly, during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the priest made on Species 25 signs of Cross ( 3 signs on the offerings, 5 signs preparing the transubstantiation, 1 blessing on the Bread, 1 blessing on the Wine, 15 signs for the remainder of prayers recited). What happened to Acheh is just a modern scale of Human Sacrifice that had taken place since Lucifer descended to earth. A year before Acheh, the same ritual happened in Iran when a 6.6 scale earthquake killed 26 thousand people.
Which led us the second question. Why Acheh?

Well, as long as they have decided to please Lucifer with mass murder, they figured why not try to kill the one that matter the most? Ironically, these worshippers of Lucifer are totally accepting the prophecy about the day of birth of Imam Mahadi. Since the prophecy had foretold that Imam Mahadi be born on the year when Solar and Lunar eclipse would occurs in the same month of Ramadhan, they are convinced that Imam Mahadi had been born on November 2003 when the eclipses occurred on 14 and 28 Ramadhan that year. For logic which only they knew, it seems that killing 226 thousand Acheh is somehow related to killing a very-very-very important one year old boy. They of course didn’t know how to locate the needle in the haystack. Therefore with the logic that a single bee can be toast by bombing a whole forest, they decided to nuke the bottom of the Sumatran Trench with a nuclear submarine.

Now, those who only been reading major newspaper for the past 4 years after the tsunami would not know that the world has been buzzing with the accusations of the United States nuclear submarine’s (USS San Francisco) involvement in the attack. The oddity of the earthquake is what gives way to the secret. It was scientifically discovered that the Indo-Australian tectonic plates was moving for more than 10 minutes during the earthquake which is geologically anomaly considering that even the strongest earthquake in history at 9 Richter scale last only for a minute or so. Geologists also confirmed in May that the December 26 earthquake made the whole earth tremble for weeks after the initial quake, and every point on the planet was moved vertically at least 3 centimeters (1/4 inch), a sign that the event was set in motion by a nuclear weapon, causing the tectonic plates which theoretically should have experienced small "warning" quakes to give way in one giant, sudden shake-up.

The fact that man had created a weapon capable of mimicking the destruction of an earthquake is nothing new. Nicola Tesla had once promoted the idea of earthquake machine which he said he had tested on 1897. In April 1997, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 1997 make a mysterious remarks where he said "Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can
alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves". In fact, on June 2000, the New Zealand Herald had confirmed based on declassified documents that the US and the NZ military had set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal tsunami at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945 as part of secret 'Project Seal' to see how man-made tsunami can be made as weapon.

I, on personal belief had argued against my friends in the Watchers Group that it is highly unlikely that Al-Mahdi will be born in Acheh. Applying the literal rule in interpreting prophecy, I argued that Rasulullah himself had indicated that Al-Mahdi is an image of Rasulullah. Therefore if Al-Mahdi follows the profile of Rasulullah, then shouldn’t Al-Mahdi be born in Mecca or Medina?

I do however still pondering the alternative suggestion offered by my Muslim’s brothers in the watchers group that the attack was probably directed to prevent the Rise of the Black Banners.

If you have taken some time to read about Al-Mahdi, then you must have heard about his army from the east known as the army of the black banner. The prophecy foretold us that the army was not personally formed and build by Al-Mahdi. Up to the day when he was chased around Kaabah and declared as Imam, he has no prior idea that he is the much awaited Al-Mahdi.  Therefore it make more sense that someone from the East had taken the liberty or accidentally built this army in anticipation of serving Al-Mahdi when the time comes. So I guess you can say that God also sent another important person to do the early groundwork for Al-Mahdi. Later in life, Al-Mahdi will also do the groundwork for Isa al-Masih. Similarly, the Dajjal also mimicked the same strategy. When the Dajjal finally revealed himself, there’s actually already a welcoming parties waiting for him. The Illuminati is doing the groundwork in anticipation of the coming of Dajjal. Therefore when Dajjal finally arrives, there’s no need for him to start from zero.

So who is this ‘the chosen one’ who will be the start of the rise of the Black Banners?

Every Muslims in every region probably are praying that this person would come from amongst them. The Afghans has been known to tell everyone who care to listen that the word “Khurasan” in the prophecy actually refers to Afghanistan itself. The Illuminati took interest in their claim by continuously spending the 20th and 21st century killing the Afghans and torching their land.

However, there were arguments against this. One solid argument refers to the hadith “If you see the Black Banners coming from Khurasan go to them immediately, even if you must crawl over ice, because indeed amongst them is the Caliph, Al Mahdi”. The hadith described Al-Mahdi as already leading the black banners when the Battle of Afghanistan begins. Therefore this suggests that prophecy refers to the time where Al-Mahdi have already been joined by the Black Banners (i.e. after the Kaabah declaration). Therefore the question still lingers of the origin of the person who started the Black Banners before the Kaabah declaration.

Fortunately (or unfortunately – depending on how you look at it) some prophecies also appears to point out Malaysia and Indonesia as well. Are we fortunate enough to be blessed with such honor? Or will this become a mere wishful thinking?  Well, because the Illuminati has been known with their habits of leaving no stone unturned, these prophecies was eventually made it to their ear. So here they are in Malaysia with their Anwar Ibrahim leading the groundwork, trying to make sure that we won’t be that lucky.
I think there it is no longer a secret about the story of Al-Mahdi being affronted by nine men who bring him out against his will and swear allegiance to him between the Corner and the Maqam. According to an Indonesian legend that was passed from mouth to mouth, a mythical figure by the name of Sabdo Palon has made a prophecy that these nine men will be lead by someone known as Syeikh Malaya. This prophecy gains popularity because in here it is promoted that Sabdo Palon is the famous student of Wali Songo.

Now, whether this prophecy really does exist or not is beyond me. I cannot confirm it because I only heard it from my Indonesian friend within the group. As far as I manage to research by myself, Sabdo Palon is a mythical figure who was said to appear in the 15th century during the war between the Hindu Majapahit versus Islam Demak. It was a religious war, so religiously motivated in fact that Raden Patah as ruler of Demak was assisted by the legendary team of Wali Songo. Legend has it Sabdo Palon was a clairvoyant for the king of Majapahit Prabu Brawijaya and the King brought Sabdo Palon with him during their meeting with Sunan Kalijaga (one of the Wali Songo). It was during this meeting that it was said that Prabu Brawijaya had embraced Islam but Sabdo Palon however refused to follow suit and even cursed the whole Javanese people for leaving Hinduism. His curse was famously cited in the old book “Serat Jangka Jayabaya Sabdo Palon”.

Upon learning about the stories surrounding Sabdo Palon, I have a very serious doubt that Sabdo Palon has ever been the student of Wali Songo. In fact, from the way he loathed Islam; to the way he disappearing in the mist; and to the way he pronounced that he will reappear 500 years later to replaced Islam with another religion – I am pretty sure that he is Satan himself. It was later said that Sabdo Palon did appeared in Bali in 1489 under the name of Danghyang Nirartha and later on changed his name as Haji aji Duta Semu. There he continue to mislead with his teaching of ‘Islam Telu” where the followers may only pray three times a day.

Now, lets forget about whether Sabdo Palon is a Saint of Satan. I might discuss more on Sabdo Palon later in my planned article “The Path of Satan” where I will tried to explain traces of Satan’s presence around the world (currently already 10 pages long and counting.. me so tired to keep on..).

At this point what’s important is that somewhere somehow out there a prophecy had been spread about this “Syekh Malaya” being circulated in the mainstream Internet. In my previous article “” I have explained that Illuminati is the most paranoid group of people who take seriously all sorts of prophecies. They practically funded a special department just to keep watch of any prophecies around the world. The “RAHMAN” prophecy that has been circulated by merely word of mouths but proven to be true in Malaysia even though no one seems to be certain of who spoke of it first.  Thus if the people like me and you and the Indonesians can hear about this Syeikh Malaya, then certainly the Illuminati scum had already pick up the news.

Now,let’s assume for a second that Syeikh Malaya does or will exist, what will that indicate to the Illuminati? Well, my friend’s opinion is that the prophecy indicates only one thing that the Black Banner will indeed raised it flags first in Malaysia before marching the longest march in history to Mecca. Other major prophecies about Al-Mahdi already indicates that the nine people who first approached Al-Mahdi in Mecca already know about the approaching Black Banners army, hence it does make sense that some or at least one of them are member or even the founder of the Black Banners itself. The Sabdo Palon’s prophecy spoke of Syeikh Malaya as the leading figure amongst these men. So what does that indicates about Malaysia? Let’s see again the variables contained in Sabdo Palon’s prophecy.

Syeikh Malaya as leader of nine men + Malaya means Malaysia + the approaching Black Banners = Get the idea?

Another thing which lend a puny credibility to the “syeikh Malaya” prophecy is the name “Syeikh Malaya” itself. The fact that this figure named himself after his the name of his country  tells us that this prophecy was made to fit a puzzle mentioned in the prophecy regarding the black banner.

“The black flags will come from the East, led by mighty men, with long hair and beards, their surnames are taken from the names of their home towns  and their first names are from a “Kunya”.

The Watcher’s group (and the Illuminati) has already known the most basic profile of the Black Banners Army. Adopting the Illuminati’s 1st rule of prophecy interpretation technique that all prophecy must be taken literally the Illuminati had concluded that :-

(a) every single members of the armies will adopt their country as a surname and (b) the only reason for this is because the members of the army is truly multinational from different countries and hometown and (c) the armies will march to Mecca through land, and will passed many countries and cities by which they will be joined by Muslims from many places which led to its growing numbers.

For this reason, the Illuminati have already doubted the idea that the armies will consist of Arabs or Afghans only.

For me, the idea that the army could start from Malaysia is possible but still remote. As long as the origin of Sabdo Palon prophecy remains questionable as it currently is, then caution dictates that it could as well be a character concocted by some jerk in the Internet. But, there is 10% in me which would like to entertain the idea, especially when realizing what literal interpretation of ‘East’ could be. Now, not many people know this, but if you use Google Earth to locate Mecca, align its position properly to the ‘ True North’ and then you press your keyboard button to move to the right (East), you will find out that you will eventually end up in a place very near to Brunei. You won't be able to see this 'coincidence' on normal 2D map because the north shown there is not "True North" but "Grid North". Google Earth adopted "True North" in its programming so you can see the 'coincidence' simply by pressing the right button of your keyboard.  I however am not going to speculate what this coincidence means.

Whatever it is, the South East Asia is the farthest Muslim region east from Mecca. Therefore maybe it does make sense that the march could start from here. If true, the march will pass through Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, the border of India and China, then enter Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and straight to Mecca before pledging their allegiance to Imam Mahadi. One thing for sure, that’s a lot of country for an army to march through. If I am the commander of such a multinational army I would probably do the same of calling everyone in my army with name such as Syeikh Malaya, Hussin Jakarta, Abdul Pakistan and names like that.

Lets take a break from a moment.. I will write the second installment of my ridiculous article for your reading pleasure.. My advise is for you to take this article lightly. In the second installment I will write about a second theory from a secular group of why the Illuminati is interested with our beloved Malaysia. The second theory is full of brief discussion about the prophesied disaster which does make me loose my sleep sometime. So the second installment is a bad news if it turn out to be true. In a way, it also supports the idea why the Black Banners will be coming from our region.

Thank you for reading so far


AFTERDARK WRITES!: TIADA MUSIBAH DALAM ISLAM (NO HARM FROM GOD): It’s November and I have yet to start writing the next chapter of my novel ‘Jerejak’. Sigh.. I fear I’m never gonna finish that story (hope ...

PISAU.NET: Sindir Anwar ? Hairi Dakwa CCTV Canggih

PISAU.NET: Sindir Anwar ? Hairi Dakwa CCTV Canggih: Pisau kata "bro hairie...tak takut tok guru marah ka kata kat anugerah tuhan pkr tuh?tak cium bau syurga parti pas nanti bro"

Dr. Mohamad Khir: Tahniah, Teruskan Menipu Rakyat

Dr. Mohamad Khir: Tahniah, Teruskan Menipu Rakyat: 1. Cukai Taksiran Hartanah atau lebih dikenali sebagai cukai pintu merupakan salah satu sumber kewangan utama Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT)....

Anakbukitgantang in Putrajaya: Malaysia ialah Negara Islam

Anakbukitgantang in Putrajaya: Malaysia ialah Negara Islam: MALAYSIA NEGARA ISLAM Oleh : Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia PENDAHULUAN Istilah ‘Neg...

Sunday, 30 December 2012

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